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Sculptured column drum from Ephesus

From the later Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

A temple existed from the sixth century BCE on the site, but it was destroyed by fire in 356 BCE, and rebuilt shortly afterwards in the Ionic order. The lower parts of the columns of this later temple were decorated with sculpture. There is a rather ambiguous reference in Pliny’s Natural History that Skopas was the sculptor of some of the decoration; this column drum may not be by his hand but is similar to other works attributed to Skopas in the proportions of the figures.

The violent history of the temple continued: it was destroyed and rebuilt twice during invasions and wars in the third and fifth centuries CE, and further damaged by earthquakes

Location of Original: 

London, British Museum 1206


Purchased in 1884 from Brucciani


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2nd half of C4 BCE
Skopas (?)

Found on the site

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